Wax Melts

I’ve always had a love for home fragrance and my personal wax melt experience began with mass produced paraffin based wax bars. I enjoyed these for a time but I didn’t always feel they were worth the money I was spending on them.

During a weekend away I came across some premium priced handmade soy wax melts and treated myself! I then began to explore soy wax melts and I then ordered a more affordable selection online. What I found was the premium priced wax melts looked luxurious however the scent didn’t last. The melts I purchased online had a lasting scent but the presentation was poor. I thought how much i’d love to create and offer my own range of wax melts that not only smelt amazing with a lasting scent but also looked appealing, well presented and affordable.

The dream became a reality when my husband and I worked together to develop a soy wax melt we felt would tick all of the boxes. Through extensive research, development and testing we have now created an exciting range of wax melts we are proud to call our own, use ourselves and share with others.

Michelle & James